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Montrose is the UK’s first multi-functional health and wellness retreat, delivering a diverse range of services and experiences to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious humans. Our processes and structure have been carefully designed to meet a growing demand in personalised health, offering both a medical and non-medical model that affords our guests choice and professional guidance to inform their decisions.


We are all genetically different. As such, the ‘one size fits all’ concept is no longer acceptable. We create uniquely tailored programmes based on our belief that precision must be applied for each guest to reach their potential and allow them to overcome their challenges and limiting beliefs. By applying ground-breaking genetic testing and wearable biotech with therapeutic excellence, we are perfectly positioned to guide our clients through a journey of recalibration, self-discovery, healing, and longevity.


By taking a unique approach to health and wellness we will create a hyper-personalised experience to meet your clinical needs, health goals and life ambitions. By fusing medical and therapeutic services where necessary we offer a robust framework that covers all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual health. 


We provide tailored packages for individual guests and retreats experiences for;


  • Individual guests – for those looking for absolute privacy on a one-to-one basis 

  • Multi guests – couples or families wanting a discreet space to be together in private


Our bespoke retreats are for guests that want absolute discretion; a private space where they can escape the noise of their busy lives. You will receive undivided attention from your own dedicated team who will be on hand to ensure you are compassionately supported during your stay.

As a retreat guest you will receive a dedicated concierge manager or live-in staff, a housekeeper, a cook, a private therapist, a meditation teacher, and a fitness coach.

In addition to your core team, you will have the opportunity to add therapeutic and lifestyle specialists and experiences such as equine therapy, rock-climbing, cold-water swimming, reiki, DNA testing, Epigenetics, private dining experiences, and more. During the planning stages your Experience Architect will provide you with the tools to craft your life-enhancing retreat.

Our life-enhancing retreat experiences are available in the UK and Cape Town, South Africa. (NB: Non-medical retreats only at this time, Jan 2022)

Our bespoke retreat experience gives you: 


  • Whole-systems approach to optimised health and wellness 

  • Trusted medical and therapeutic experts 

  • Privacy and discretion 

  • Hand-selected team 

  • Family therapy programme 

  • Continuum of care 

  • Access to our ecosystem of private advisors 

Our programme is broken down into three key areas to provide you with the ultimate health and wellness retreat experience:


The initial stage will consist of various assessments and tests to determine your unique physical, mental, and emotional state and profile. Following these assessments, each expert will provide a written summary of their recommendations and implement them with your consent. Where possible we would prefer this element to be completed prior to your arrival, in order to maximise your time at the retreat. 


A bespoke retreat plan will be designed to implement the key recommendations from your expert team. You will be consulted in the design of the programme to ensure it meets your needs and goals and fits with your lifestyle and schedule. Ultimately, the retreat is yours to take time to recalibrate; however, we strongly suggest that recommendations are implemented, as this will result in you receiving the full experience and maximum benefit.


We will select a team of experts to implement your retreat programme. This will include the original assessment team who will continue to work with you and fine-tune your programme. There can also be additional experts working with you during your stay on your continuum of care programme, should you choose this option.

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