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Through our clinical partners, we have access to expert medical teams who can provide a range of services to support guests who require specific interventions, such as health screening and diagnostics, mental wellness assessments, detoxification, and mood stabilisation. The intention of this service is to ensure our guests are always safe and comfortable. A team of specialist doctors, consultants and nurses will provide guests with the necessary help to manage their health and wellbeing in a proactive way. Details of our medical partners are available on request.



We are constantly working to find the most relevant ways to assess and understand how we can best navigate our guests through life's challenges. At Montrose Retreats we will always look to connect you with the right type of therapeutic model and appropriate therapist. Prior to your arrival, our expert team will take time to learn about your needs in order to help determine together the best pathway in the short, medium and long-term. Our commitment to our guests’ continued recovery is second to none.

Internal Family System


Over the past twenty years, the Internal Family Systems model has evolved into a powerfully transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy model. This comprehensive approach includes guidelines for working with families, individuals, and couples. Its framework represents a blending of two psychological models; the multiplicity of the mind and systems thinking. This new paradigm enables an understanding and harmonising of the mind and, as a result, larger human systems. Through this evidence-based psychotherapy approach, people can heal from their struggles, including addiction, and the world itself can become a more compassionate place.


The practice of yoga combines physical poses and mindful breathing. This type of exercise can improve balance, flexibility, range of motion, and strength. It can also enhance mental wellbeing and has many other health benefits. Yoga releases helpful brain chemicals, which can relieve the symptoms of depression, reduce stress, ease anxiety and improve sleep. Mindfulness-based interventions, some of which include yoga, have sound conceptual underpinnings and growing empirical support for enhancing the treatment of addiction and emotional recovery. We implement yoga in tandem with other traditional treatment methods to create a total mind, body and spirit solution.



Functional Medicine digs into the cellular level to restore homeostasis (biochemical equilibrium within the cells). It pays careful attention to toxic overload, proposing detoxification of the gastro-intestinal system and the liver in order to regenerate the tissues and boost the energy of the systems. It allows the physician to modulate in a more refined way the body response to any aggressions, whether infectious, inflammatory or psychologically stressful. It therefore demands a more in-depth medical history looking for genetic susceptibility, biochemical disruption, stress accumulation, hormonal imbalance, toxicity overload, unresolved psychological issues and unhealthy lifestyle habits, among which the Western diet plays a significant part.

Functional Medicine


Nutritional therapy is provided to promote health through personalised nutrition and lifestyle support. We implement a whole-body approach to nutrition and with a 360 perspective that addresses the potential underlying causes of ill-health, rather than focusing on symptoms. Evidence-informed, it involves a wide range of tools which are used to assess an individual's health status and identify potential nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms. The focus is always on the individual guest.

Nutritional Therapy


Our private chefs will prepare and serve tailored meals that are designed to improve gut health, cognitive functioning and provide all the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins to optimise overall health and performance. Our chefs cook both in residence and offsite, and can provide therapeutic cooking lessons during your stay. If a guest wishes, they take advantage of a pre-arrival DNA test and blood test so we can see exactly where their deficiencies are. This provides absolute precision when preparing meals and allows us to combine culinary excellence with a bespoke nutritional assessment for each guest.

Culinary Medicine


As part of the health and wellness retreat programme we offer clients the opportunity to utilise wearable health technology. We provide guests with an Oura ring as part of their health and wellness transformation programme. The purpose of this is for them to track and monitor elements of their health, including sleep, exercise, readiness, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. This cutting-edge technology connects easily with an intuitive mobile app, and you will be provided with a tutorial and training to use the device effectively. The insights this imparts will help us to tailor your personalised wellness programme around your body’s needs.

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