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Justine Osmotherley joins Montrose Health Group as a Consultant to develop our Private Client offering

It is with immense pride and excitement that we can announce that Justine Osmotherley has joined Montrose as a new Consultant to develop our Private Client offering. 

Many of you will know Justine as she is a top-rated matrimonial Solicitor at Clarion Solicitors in Leeds, and has a great reputation locally and nationally. Justine is ranked in Tier 1 of Chambers & Partners and named in the Hall of Fame in Legal 500. She is also "Top Recommended” in the Spear’s Family Law Index, which ranks her as one of the best family law professionals in the UK. These prestigious accolades undoubtedly demonstrate that she is a leader in her field, the best of the best.


Justine knows the private client market well, having practised as a Solicitor for almost 28 years and has spent a lot of time in the corporate world growing long term relationships. She knows the legal and professional services sectors inside out and over the years has built up an extensive network of professionals and clients across the UK.. In fact, many of Justine’s clients were professionals and a large amount of the work she was referred in came from other professionals such as other Solicitors; Accountants; Bankers etc who would recommend their colleagues; clients; family members etc instruct Justine as the Solicitor to act for them.

All this has helped Justine gain a tremendous reputation and she is a credible authority on the issues faced by individuals and we know the value she will bring to Montrose, given her wealth of experience.

Justine has spent many years dealing with clients experiencing complex family matters such as divorce; family fallouts; physical ailments; mental health issues; addiction issues – and the impact of these on us; our families and our friends. The expert team at Montrose have helped many people facing these issues and provided them with life enhancing experiences that have helped all those impacted move to a place of healing so they can move on with their lives with some clarity and positivity.

Justine says, “I have known Jonathan for over 6 years and have been impressed with the passion and determination he brings to this industry. For a long time, those with a gambling habit or an alcohol addiction were “blamed” for problems in the family and often punished for such addictions - these addictions are illnesses, and they need treating as such”. By understanding what people’s needs are, how we can help, and getting ourselves in front of those people, Jonathan and the multi-disciplinary team at Montrose provide a personal, discreet health and wellness service by way of healing retreats, sober living and health concierge. Justine adds, “Jonathan has made it his purpose to transform the lives of so many people and I am delighted and excited to be part of this.”

"I'm delighted that Justine has joined the Montrose team as she brings both lived experience and many years of professional services, that will undoubtedly connect us with a wider audience so we can help more people overcome problematic drinking, substance misuse and general mental health conditions". – Jonathan Edgeley, CEO

For more information contact us at +44 1433 350500 or visit our home page here.


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